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VDM Offline

Visual Data Modeler – Offline Edition

The offline edition of the Visual Data Modeler (VDM) can visualize the contents of the file formats:

  • *.ARXML
    AUTOSAR V4.x
  • *.A2L
    A2L is the file suffix of the “ASAM MCD 2MC” description file
  • *.MDX
    ASAM MDX V1.2 (Meta Data Exchange Format for Software Module Sharing)

VDM Offline provides different views, depending on the file format.


Components and connections between them are arranged by a layout algorithm to get an overview of the file contents.

Last hierarchy level (e.g. AUTOSAR view):

Runnables view

(only available for *.arxml)

Details view, Matrix view, …

Download the current version 3.2.0 of VDM Offline Edition and try more views and further features.

Please give us a feedback how you liked the tool.



When working with big (ARXML) files which contain hardly any structure/hierarchy (means: no or few (nested) SW-Compositions) it is recommended to load the file in “PREVIEW” mode only, and then use the filtering mechanism .

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