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 The tool Aramis represents a global data dictionary managing AUTOSAR SW components and all its objects.
Is has a similar scope than ADD, but is focused on the AUTOSAR methodology. Aramis combines a convenient frontend with complex *.arxml layouts.


  • Global Data Dictionary for Autosar SW Components
    • central DB (single source) vs. files on disc
    • Data dictionary for conversions, units, data types, system events, etc.
    • Reuse
    • Version management, lifecycle, role & rights, etc.
    • consistency already during definition
    • basic concepts similar to ADD
  • High level definition
    • hide Autosar (*.arxml) complexity
    •  Tool will be used from non Autosar experts
    • convenient frontend combined with complex *.arxml layout
      not yet another XML editor
  • Semantic layers and generators
    • e.g. create an array (of parameter)
    • create connectors (assemblies, delegates)
    • Type model: implDT, applDT, complex…applDT‘s
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