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Control and operation of Visu-IT! tools

It requires considerable tool-, system- and domain-knowledge to ensure a smooth and efficient operation and deployment of the Visu-IT! tools ADD, PACES, FunDoc and DDS at the customer’s toolchain . Visu-IT! supports the customer in this area and offers high-quality IT services and a unique know-how regarding the Visu-IT! tools.

Visu-IT! takes over the complete control and the operation of the Visu-IT! tools at the customer’s toolchain.

The IT management practice at Visu-IT !, which is used in the provision of the offered services, is based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a collection of “good practice” procedures for the provision of IT services.
The services include:

  • Use of (ITIL-based) service delivery processes to seamlessly ensure consistent handling of process-related IT services
  • Coordinating the execution of all processes at Visu-IT !, so that all components that make up the IT services are handled consistently from start to finish

Services offered from the service catalog

IT-Operation & Application Management

The IT Operations Management is responsible for the regular operation of the technical Infrastructure, ongoing management and maintenance.
The most important goal of IT Operations Management is to ensure the status quo and the stability of the ongoing processes and activities of the IT organization.

The package includes the following processes, activities and sub-packages:

Help Desk

Incident Management

Problem Management

Availability Management

Security Management

Change Management

Change Management protects the production environment and its services. All changes to configuration items must be made on schedule and with authorization. This includes identifying the configuration items and IT services affected by the change, implementing the changes, testing the changes, and having a retreat plan in case the changes cause an unexpected state of service.

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