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Automotive Tools from Visu-IT!

Visu-IT! offers the following tools which assist in the automotive electronic control unit development.

Global and central management of ECU variables
By using our tools both in the ECU function- and software-development it is possible to follow (customer specific) development processes, eliminate inconsistencies and thus develop high quality products.
ADD (Automotive Data Dictionary)
The tool ADD (Automotive Data Dictionary) represents a global data dictionary for all ECU labels/variables used in company/organization. The single source concept of ADD eases the handling and management of data declarations over all projects. Due to the (company-wide) availability and uniqueness of these labels, ADD allows a continuous and consistent data declaration during the whole development process.
Focus: Single source of all data declarations.
Global, company-wide label database, specification view, no implementation details.
Scope: Global, project and module scope.
PACES (Parametrization And Configuration of Embedded Software)
The tool PACES (Parametrization And Configuration of Embedded Software) provides high performance access (Java) to the ADD database. It eases the handling and management of data declarations as well as the configuration of projects. PACES can be integrated into different tool chains and environments, e.g. Eclipse.
Focus: High performance access to a global data dictionary for ECU variables.
Scope: Global, project and module scope.
Aramis is a powerful tool helping developers with architecture, design and implementation of software on ECUs in an AUTOSAR environment. It has a similar scope as ADD but is focused on the AUTOSAR methodology.
Focus: Convenient abstractions for complex AUTOSAR concepts.
Scope: Global, project and module scope.
DDS (Data Declaration System)
The tool DDS (Data Declaration System) is a central repository for all variable declarations of an ECU project and thereby ensures consistency between the ECU source code and the ASAM description files (e.g. *.a2l) generated for ASAP2 reading calibration and measurement systems.
Focus: Software implementation.
Scope: ECU project scope.
Function Documentation
Generate a function-, library- or project- documentation containing information about the used simulation models, modules, interfaces, data declarations, data values, … in a convenient way. The generation can be automated and integrated into the customers environment.
FunDoc (Automated Function Documentation)
The objective of the tool FunDoc (Automated Function Documentation) is to ease the documentation process of simulation models. At this junction it is designed as a first-step tool in your documentation process chain. FunDoc is able to connect to several development tools and place the gathered information at user’s disposal for edit or print.
Focus: FunDoc helps to automate the function documentation process.
Scope: Global, project and module scope.
AUTOSAR tooling
Tools for the management of all AUTOSAR Software Components (SWC’s) and its objects (SenderReceiver- and ClientServer interfaces, Ports, Modes, DataPrototypes, DataTypes, etc.) used in a company/organization. The tools combine a convenient frontend with complex *.arxml semantics and structures.
see Aramis
The Visu-IT! tool Aramis-MC builds a bridge from ARXML to A2L.
Focus: Interface to Measurement & Calibration for AUTOSAR projects.
Scope: Software component for AUTOSAR toolchain
ASAP2 editor and processing tools
Tools and components supporting the ASAM Standard “ASAM MCD-2 MC” (*.a2l). For details, please see Visu-IT! products at ASAM e.V.
ASAP2Toolkit (ASAP2 Editor and Tools)
The Visu-IT! ASAP2Toolkit is a standalone application to create, import, merge and update “ASAM MCD 2MC” description files (*.a2l). It contains an ease to use ASAP2 Editor for defining and managing calibration and measurement items to be used in embedded controllers as well as attributes and settings required for configuring calibration systems
ASAM MCD 2MC Parser (ASAP2 Parser)
The Visu-IT! ASAP2 Parser is a generic parser (not fix linked to a certain ASAP2 version), supports all ASAP2 keys, is very performant and offers both a COM and a .NET interface.
ASAP2 Library (A2Lib)
The Visu-IT! ASAP2 Library is a software component which allows to:
(a) Read/Write ASAP2 files
(b) Read/Write Hex files
The A2Lib combines the ASAP2 information with the Hex data in order to provide ‘semantic’ high level access to the Hex file.
Components & Libraries
Further components and libraries from Visu-IT!. These components are in productive use in several other applications.
Visu-IT! Component Library (VITLib)
The VITLib (Visu-IT! Component Library) is a container managing the software components:

  • ASAP2 Parser
  • ASAP2 Library
  • ELF-Parser
  • CDF-Reader/Writer
ARXML Parser (Autosar Parser)
The ARXML Parser (Autosar Parser) is a highly performant parser processing Autosar ARXML files.
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