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VITLib – Visu-IT! Component Library

The VITLib (Visu-IT! Component Library) is a container managing the software components:

  1. ASAP2 Parser
  2. ASAP2 Library
  3. ELF-Parser
  4. CDF-Reader/Writer

1. ASAP2 Parser

see ASAP2 Parser

2. ASAP2 Library

The Visu-IT! ASAP2 Library is a software component which allows to:

  • Read/Write ASAP2 files (contains the A2L-Parser)
  • Read/Write Hex files
  • Combine the ASAP2 information with the Hex data in order to provide ‘semantic’ access to the Hex file, e.g.:
    • Hex <-> Phys calculations (based on the COMPU_METHOD in the A2L file)
    • Semantic access to Hex file (based on the RECORD_LAYOUT in the A2L file)

3. ELF-Parser

The ELF-Parser

  • is able to parse/read the DEBUG section of ELF files in the format DWARF 2.0 and DWARF 3.0 as well as the SYMBOL table
  • supports in general any compiler which generates an ELF file. However due to the different compiler dialects a list of supported compilers is provided

4. CDF-Reader/Writer

The CDF-Reader/Writer component is able to read and write files with the following formats:

  • CDF
    Version: 2.0 (without STRUCTURE)
  • DCM
  • CVX
    Version: 1.0, 2.0
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