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ASAP2Toolkit – ASAP2 Editor & Tools

The Visu-IT! ASAP2Toolkit is a standalone application to create, import, merge and update “ASAM MCD 2MC” description files (*.a2l).
The ASAP2Toolkit contains an ease to use ASAP2 Editor for defining and managing calibration and measurement items to be used in embedded controllers as well as attributes and settings required for configuring calibration systems.

Key Features


ECU variables from the source code can be transferred into ASAM MCD 2MC files used from measurement and calibration systems like INCA.

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Use Cases

The ASAP2Toolkit supports the following main use cases:

Note: Of course, the UseCases can be combined and mixed according to customer needs


The ASAP2Toolkit processes and generates ASAP2 files which are compliant with the standard ASAM MCD 2MC V1.x. The ASAM MCD 2MC description files contain information like:

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