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PACES – Parametrization And Configuration of Embedded Software

The tool PACES (Parametrization And Configuration of Embedded Software) provides high performance access (Java) to the ADD database. It eases the handling and management of data declarations as well as the configuration of projects. PACES can be integrated into different tool chains and environments, e.g. Eclipse.


  1. High performance ADD Java API
    • 3-tier architecture with application server
  2. Integration of PACES in Eclipse-based environments
    • Smooth integration in Java tool environment
    • Enhanced automation of tool-interactions
    • Customer specific plugins/views based on PACES
  3. Easy deployment
    • Server based deployment (no deployment of clients)
    • Automatic updates of clients


The PACES software is composed of the following components/modules:

  •  (1) PACES Core
    Business Logic + API + Enhanced Services (public)
  • (2) PACES UI

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