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Components & Libraries

Visu-IT! offers various components and libraries that can be used in your programs.

VITLib (Visu-IT! Component Library)

The VITLib (Visu-IT! Component Library) is a container managing the software components:

  1. A2L-Parser (ASAM MCD-2 MC Parser)
  2. ASAP2 Library
  3. ELF-Parser
  4. CDF-Reader/Writer
  5. DBC-Parser


Visu-IT! offers two A2L-Parsers that are the result of the combination of:

  • expert knowledge in the field of A2L
    We are active member in the A2L standardization working group of ASAM e.V.
  • extensive experience in the development of high performance parsers

Both parsers are continuously maintained und updated to new versions of A2L.

Variant Scope / Usage
A2L-Parser Use this parser when:

  • you need features such as generic AML support
  • you also need to write/generate A2L files
  • you want to use the parser on a higher, semantical level (e.g. in combination with Hex files)
A2L-Parser++ Use this parser when

  • performance is of the utmost importance to you
  • you need platform independence


The A2L-Parser++

  • is a high performance A2L file parser
    Depending on the used hardware and the A2L file, the parser can achieve a throughput of more than 100 MB/s
  • is platform independent
    The parser (developed in C++) does not use any ‘platform-peculiar’ libraries. The parser can thus be compiled for different platforms (e.g. Windows, Linux)
  • has an object oriented interface (DOM)

ARXML Parser (Autosar Parser)

The Visu-IT! ARXML Parser:

  • has a strongly typed .NET interface that is based on a specific Autosar schema version
  • supports all elements and attributes of the Autosar schema version on which the parser is based on
  • is highly performant
    Especially when working with large files.
    Depending on the used hardware and the ARXML file, the parser can achieve a throughput of 60 – 300 MB/s.
  • is fully developed and tested and in productive use since many years


Example: C# example project (MS VisualStudio 2015)

Read and write ARXML file

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