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Visu-IT! – Your reliable partner for software engineering

For many years Visu-IT! plans and develops software and services with success in the fields of measurement, calibration and diagnostics for our customers in the automobile industry. From the beginning our focus lay on qualitative valuable and reliable software. In addition to our own tools, we have e.g.

  • codeveloped measurement and application systems for electronic control units for many well known companies. The systems are used world wide at leading car manufacturers
  • customized and integrated our tools in customers toolchains
  • providing┬áIT service management for our tools

We implement with current techniques, methods and standards. By active knowledge exchange and steady further development our know how stays on a constant high level.

Visu-IT! has special Know How in

  • Measurement technology and analysis
    • Measurement- and Application system for engine- and transmission control
    • Measurement data server in the form of a COM-object
    • Measurement system for electrical and optical test of infrared diodes
    • Talon solidness-measurement system for SMD semiconductors
    • Multithreaded measuring system
    • Object oriented implementation of services for measuring systems
    • Temperature control for blast furnaces
    • Statical test report for line protective switches
  • Graphical user interfaces
    • Rapid Prototyping System for graphical user interfaces running with differen OS
    • Graphical editor to configure user specific files
  • Microcontroller
    • Implementation of a protocol converter for a microcontroller unit (┬ÁC C517)
  • Databases and converters
    • Image databases for defective SMD semiconductors
    • Conversion program for different data formats
  • Communication
    • Communication interface for a measurement system running with different OS
    • Protocol layer for a measurement system

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