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Distributor in Japan

Visu-IT! and Ubiquitous AI Corporation sign Distribution Agreement

Ubiquitous AI Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokio, JAPAN) and Visu-IT! (Headquarters: Regensburg, GERMANY) sign a distribution agreement for the Visu-IT! products in the territory of Japan.
Press release:

Ubiquitous AI Corporation starts reselling the Visu-IT! products on October 1, 2020.
For more details please see https://www.Ubiquitous-ai.Com/products/visuit.

About Ubiquitous AI Corporation

A world leader in Embedded Software development, Ubiquitous AI Corporation (TYO:3858) has been at the forefront of technological advancement with it’s Small, Fast and Light ethos. Every year millions of new devices containing Ubiquitous AI Corporation’s software are sold worldwide. Ubiquitous AI Corporation is also a leading software distributor, acting as a gateway to Japan for global software companies.

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